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This website is administered under the direction of the Child and Adolescent Working Party of the Executive Committee; recently we have been able to link this page to the IAAP Website.  The Working Party's intention is to support the development of a community of Jungian analysts and candidates who work with children and adolescents.  We hope this website will prove useful in working toward that goal. Presently we can announce conferences that have special provisions for child and adolescent work. We can also offer descriptions and links to programs the Member Groups offer for further training.  The Child and Adolescent Working Party not only invites your ideas and suggestions to develop this website, but we are also happy to post your announcements.  

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IAAP Child and Adolescent Working Party members:

Batya Brosh Palmoni (IIJP)- Chair     batyair@netvision.net.il             

Christine Hejinian (CGJISF)               heji@sbcglobal.net

Regina Renn (DGAP)    regina.renn@gmail.com

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